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Follow us on Inspire, Twitter, Facebook and YouTube!  Share information and support with others who face the day-to-day challenge of living with cancer.  Life with Cancer staff regularly updates all social media portals, providing you with inspirational quotes, tips about caregiving and side effects, and also updating you on the latest of what’s happening at Life with Cancer.

Inspire connects patients, families, friends, caregivers and health professionals for health and wellness support. Inspire works with trusted health partners to build safe and secure health and wellness groups. Life with Cancer’s Inspire Support Community Page is a great place for young adults to connect for support and inspiration.  

To join, register on Registration is free and requires some personal information, but the amount and extent of public information is up to you.


Twitter is a free service that enables its users to “follow” one another for short updates known as tweets. Life with Cancer has its own Twitter page! Followers of Life with Cancer will receive information on upcoming events, speakers and seminars. Our tweets also include positive and practical tips on living day-to-day with cancer and can be helpful to anyone affected by the disease, even caregivers!

To set up an account, go to and clicking on the green “Join the Conversation” box; it’s a quick process and free of charge. To find the Life with Cancer Twitter page, use the “Find Friends” option, or click here.


Facebook is a popular way to connect with important people in your life. Once you create a Facebook profile you can add “friends” and send messages. Facebook users can also choose “fan pages” to connect and interact with others with similar interests. 

You can join the Life with Cancer group by becoming a fan using the fan pages option. Once you do so, you’ll receive information on upcoming events, join discussion topics, read posted blogs, and be connected to other Life with Cancer fans.

To access the Life with Cancer fan page, register on Registration is free and requires some personal information, but the amount and extent of public information is up to you. Once you register, use the search box on the home page to search for the Life with Cancer page.


YouTube allows people and groups to share video for entertainment and learning. Life with Cancer is sharing and showing videos on YouTube on its own Life with Cancer channel. Our videos cover an array of topics ranging from disease treatment types, side effects, personal videos from cancer patients or their loved ones, to more information about Life with Cancer and how it is growing and developing to serve and connect with the community.

You can subscribe to Life with Cancer’s YouTube channel by going to While many channels and videos are public domain and do not require a subscription, signing up is the best option for a personalized YouTube account. Once an account is set up, updates and new videos will be sent to your personalized page as you subscribe to each channel.



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